Complaints Policy

The FCA’s Principle for Businesses 6 states that “a firm must pay due regard to the interests of its customers and treat them fairly”.

We fully accept the right of every complainant (or their agent) to be given a fair hearing and to be treated fairly. Where offering redress, we will always offer a fair amount (including an amount for distress and inconvenience) and will never seek to pressurise a complainant into not contacting the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Rather than treating complaints as an attack on our firm, we will thank customers for raising issues of concern to them and use such complaints as learning experiences.

We fully support the work of the Financial Ombudsman Service and will pro-actively co-operate with it in reaching resolution of any complaints which it receives in relation to our business or the services we have provided. We will pay immediately any amounts awarded against us.

Responsibility for the successful implementation of this strategy rests with the senior management team as a whole and with Richard O’Brien, Director, in particular.

This policy and the procedures arising from it are reviewed at least annually.

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